Connecting Sales Activities with Sales Actions

  Juraj Perina  

February 10, 2017 07:47


Sales Activities: where attention goes, energy flows! Pipeliner CRM’s Sales Activities feature gives you the option to define what should be done in each step of your sales process.

With Pipeliner CRM’s Sales Actions Required Fields feature, various fields can be made mandatory, and a sales opportunity cannot be moved unless all mandatory fields have been completed. This means that sales team performance becomes more consistent, and little to nothing is ever left to chance.

We connected Sales Activities and Sales Actions Required Fields in order to help you automate some of your sales activities based on the sales actions.

Here we will go over automatic sales activities checking based on completion of sales actions.

Connecting Sales Activities with Sales Actions [Video Tutorial]

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  • Sales Action - A sales action or buyer's action is a single action that a buyer needs to take in order to help you to move the opportunity from one step in the process to another. In terms of Pipeliner CRM, it's a custom field within a sales opportunity that should help you better qualify your opportunity. Example: Buyer confirms budget.
  • Sales Activity - A sales activity is an activity that salespeople need to perform when working with a potential customer.
  • Sales Activities Checklist - A sales activity checklist is a list of all sales activities that a salesperson needs to finish within one sales step in the sales pipeline in order to move the opportunity from one step to another.

With Pipeliner CRM you can customize the buyer's actions and link them with the sales activities checklist within the sales opportunity form. On the example below, we will show you how to connect the information you get from a buyer with the activities you need to perform.

Connecting Sales Activities with Sales Actions [Guide]

#1: Create Sales Action (Custom Opportunity Field)

In order to connect a sales action—an opportunity field—on the form with the sales activity checklist, you need to follow these steps:

This way you can link many fields on the form with the opportunity checklist—for example, account, contact or opportunity value. Your options are limitless.

#2: Link Sales Action with the Sales Activity

In order to link a field with the sales activities checklist within a sales opportunity, follow these steps:

Pipeliner CRM now recognizes the completion of the field within the form. When you use and fill out the field on the form, Pipeliner CRM automatically checks this sales activity within the checklist.

#3: Automatic Sales Activity Checking

You can link any field from the form to any checklist within the sales opportunity.

Research shows that companies with a well-defined sales process consistently outperform their competitors.

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