Admin users in Pipeliner CRM can set up pipeline(s) to manage your key business process(es).  Most companies begin by adding their sales process.  Each pipeline is made up of a number of pipeline steps (stages) that identify the key milestones that an opportunity moves through as your sales team work to try to win deals.

Scenario: ABC, Inc. have just signed up for Pipeliner CRM and want to set up their pipeline.  Bill, their sales manager, describes their sales process as follows:
"So, the first thing that I need my guys to do is reach out to the prospect and make contact, preferably by phone so they know they're speaking to the right person.  Next they need to find out more details of what the prospect needs - are we a good fit for them? do they have money to spend?  who do they currently buy from?  If we're still in the game, we'll then send them a quote and then we're into the usual backwards and forwards about cost, timescales etc.  If we get the go ahead, we've got some formal paperwork that needs to be completed and, once that's received, the deal is Won".

This process can be distilled into 6 steps which we'll choose to label as Engage, Scope, Proposal, Negotiating, Commitment and then Closed/Won.  Note: you can easily change the names of sales steps in Pipeliner in the future if you need to.

All we need to do now, in order to create the pipeline, is decide on a Probability of Closure (Weighting) to assign to each stage.

Bill tells us he's happy to go for 5%, 15%, 30%, 60% and then 90% to reflect the increasing likelihood of closing a deal as it moves through the pipeline.  Note: you can easily update these probabilities in the future and that Pipeliner will help you make these key metrics more accurate over time by giving you the 'real life' information for each sales step.

Now we're ready to go to the Admin module and create the pipeline:

(1) Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Pipeliner application and select the Administration button (if you don't see the Administration button, you don't have access so you'll need to speak to your Admin)

(2) Click on Pipelines from the left navigation panel

(3) Click on Add New Pipeline

(4) Name your pipeline, select a display colour and then fill out all required fields on the form. Add more steps using the Add Sales Step button if neccessary.

Note: The minimum amount of steps per pipeline is 3.

(5) Click Save

Note: Starter accounts can not create more than one pipeline. To upgrade, please contact your account manager

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