How can I create a custom field?

Juraj Perina

September 22, 2016 09:36


What is a Custom Field?

A custom field is a field that you can add to Pipeliner CRM software in order to track and store additional data which you cannot find within the application by default. You can create following custom fields:

  • Drop down - a custom list of pre-defined set of values.
  • Radio Button - a custom list of pre-defined set of values.
  • Check Box - a custom option on which can Pipeliner user answers: yes (checked) or no (not checked).
  • Text - a free input text field (short or long text field).
  • Number - a free input number field (integer or float number).
  • Date - a free input date chooser (with or without the time).
  • Currency - a free input area for a currency.
  • Phone - a free input area for a phone number.
  • E-mail - a free input area for an e-mail address.

By tracking the data that matters the most to your business you can increase your sales.

How to create new custom field

You can create custom fields and add the to a form within Pipeliner Administration.

Add Custom field to a Form

Note: You must publish the changes! After publishing, all Pipeliner users need to synchronize in order to see the changes!

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