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Juraj Perina

November 21, 2016 07:58


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We believe that CRM Software must be easily and rapidly customizable to your company’s specific needs.

This is also important for the data forms within the CRM software—no two companies are going to use the same fields, the same arrangement of fields, or even the same field names. That’s where the Pipeliner CRM Template Designer comes in.

With the Pipeliner CRM Continuity release, we bring another useful update to Pipeliner CRM Template Designer: Introducing Custom Auto Number Fields:

What is a Custom Auto Number Field?

A Customer Auto Number Field is a custom field that you can create and add to any Pipeliner CRM form, and it automatically increments after each new related record is added to the system according to the number definition and time period.

Some real-world examples of it’s usage:

#1: General Use Case
You can use this number to maintain your database and track the number of records you create within a specific time period. Once you set up the Auto Number Field to be reset at the beginning of every month, you will be able to use this number to view how many records you have created in that particular month, and also in which sequence they were created.

#2: MS Word and Excel Templates
Currently you are able to set up a template with Word or Excel and have this template automatically filled with fields in Pipeliner. You are now able to produce recurring offer numbers or codes and bring them to Templates for quotes.

How can I create a Custom Auto Number Field?

On the example below, we show you how to use an Auto Number Field to the track number of accounts created in the system within a specific time period. In order to create a new Custom Auto number field, please follow these steps:

How can I use the Custom Auto Number Field?

In order to see the Auto Number Field within Pipeliner CRM’s Account form, sync Pipeliner CRM and create the first Account.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Number Fields:

Q1: How can I create Auto Number Field?
A1: In order to create an Auto Number Field, just open Custom Fields and Forms within the Pipeliner CRM Admin, and add a new field to the form where you would like to add it.

Q2: To which forms I can add a Custom Auto Number Field?
A2: You can can add a Custom Auto Number Field to any of the forms within Pipeliner CRM including:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity

Q3: Can I add multiple Customer Auto Number Fields to a single form?
Yes. You can add multiple Custom Auto Number Fields to a single Form.

Q4: I have just created a new record in Pipeliner, but the Auto Number Field is empty. Why?
That is because Pipeliner CRM is a desktop application that syncs to secured cloud environment. Pipeliner CRM analyses the newly created accounts in your system, and assigns the correct record number after first successful synchronization.

Q5: We have accounts that have already been created in Pipeliner CRM. How does Pipeliner CRM handle records that have already been created prior to creating the Auto Number Field?

Pipeliner CRM assigns the number according to your structure definition only to the newly created records. All records created before introducing a Custom Auto Number Field to your form will be marked as N/A.

Q6: Our company is working in the multiple timezones. Which timezone will Pipeliner CRM reference when resetting the Auto Number Field date at the beginning of each month or year?

A6: This is something you can influence by setting up your “company” timezone within the admin portal:

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