Intelligent field: Dynamic Dropdowns in Pipeliner

Karel Tinka

September 27, 2016 13:55


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With the Pipeliner CRM Automata release, we bring another useful update to Pipeliner CRM Template Designer. This time, you can related to dropdown menus to each other, and make their choices dependent on each other. We call these dynamic dropdowns. Learn how to create cascading dynamic dropdowns that display choices depending on the value selected in a previous dropdown. Keep reading...

What is Dynamic Dropdown?

With Pipeliner’s Dynamic Dropdowns feature, you can now create nested dropdown menus. For example, a user will click on a specific sales territory within the first dropdown, and the second cascading dropdown menu of reps will only show reps for that territory.

Screencast: Play in a new window.

How can I create cascading dynamic dropdowns?

In order to create a cascading dynamic dropdown, please follow these steps:

How can I use a cascading dynamic dropdowns?

If you would like to use a recently created cascading nested dropdown, you need to open the sales opportunity.

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