Intelligent field: Web Resources in Pipeliner CRM

Juraj Perina

September 22, 2016 10:47


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Web resource field allows you to add remote content to the Pipeliner (e.g. attach a Google map to the Contact) or share Pipeliner content to the web.

How can I create a web resource field?

# Tags

You can easily add existing fields to the link by pressing the # button. This will show a drop-down list with the list of available fields. You can then add any field into the link by clicking on its name. If you need to use # sign in the link, just press it twice. This will add the sign # into the link instead of selecting fields from the drop-down list.

Difference between Get and Post Method

You can create two types of fields by selecting the Method.

  • Get method – is used for downloading external content, e.g. Google maps location
  • Post method – is used for uploading content of the field to the external website, e.g. to fill web-form.

Configuration Example

Please check following configuration example for Google maps. It will show location of the Account.

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