Setting Up Automatic Task Scheduling

Juraj Perina

February 09, 2017 14:28


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For some time now, Pipeliner has made it possible, as an option, for companies to create mandatory activities and tasks that had to be completed in order for a sale to be moved from one stage of the sales process to the next. Now, however, when an opportunity is moved from one stage to the next in your sales process, necessary activities can be suggested. Once suggested they can either be edited (as for dates and times) or simply saved; if so these tasks are automatically scheduled.

About Automatic Task Scheduling

With Pipeliner CRM you can now create tasks automatically as you move an opportunity into the next stage of your sales pipeline.

  • Tasks are suggested automatically as you move an opportunity from one stage to another.
  • Edit these tasks or save them, and have reminders and due dates set automatically.
  • Set your own tasks to be suggested for each stage.

Video: Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Automatic Tasks Scheduling [Intro]

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Pipeliner CRM Automatic Task Scheduling: Administration

Below we will show you how to set up scheduled tasks for the stages in your sales pipeline.

What kind of activity can be scheduled?

Pipeliner CRM currently enables you to create two types of activities: tasks, and appointments. Only tasks can be auto-scheduled.

What can I auto-schedule for the task?

How to Set Up an Automatic Task

In order to set up automatic task scheduling, you must have admin rights to access the Pipeliner CRM Admin portal.

1. Click on your name in the top right of the application.

2. Click "Administration."

3. Click "Sales Space".

4. Click "Sales Pipelines".

5. Click on the “Edit” pencil icon on within the corresponding Pipeline.

6. Click on the "Create Sales Activities" button in order to create a sales activity (or click
“edit” if you have it already created).

7. Click on the "Create" button, and from the drop-down menu select the option "Add predefined activity type (see common lists)."

8. From the available activity types select the ones that are task-based. Only tasks can be auto-scheduled.

9. Now, give the sales activity a description.

10. The "Auto-Schedule" button will appear. Click on the "Auto-Schedule" button.

11. Configure the auto-scheduling task. (See description of the settings under “What can I auto-schedule for the task?” above.)

Do not forget to sync Pipeliner to have these changes available in Pipeliner on your desktop.

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