Reassign Former Employee's Data to a New Employee

Karel Tinka

September 22, 2016 15:04


When somebody leaves your company, you need to be sure that all of their data is properly handed over to somebody else within your company. With this in mind, we've developed a very quick way of transferring data from one employee to another.

How to Reassign Data from a Former Employee to a New Employee

Important Note: This process is used in a situation where an employee has left your company and you want to assign their data to a new employee who has not been using Pipeliner CRM. The reassign process will result in a new employee taking over all data from a former employee. Do not invite your new employee into the Pipeliner CRM before going through the steps of the reassignment process. Here are the steps:

Check if the user email has been changed and name removed. The invited new user will receive email with the login instructions.

Deactivate the old user:

After you have successfully reassigned the data from the former employee to the new one, you need to deactivate the old user:

By deactivating user, you disable user to access his account over Pipeliner CRM.

Using Bulk Update to Reassign Data from a Former Employee to an Existing Employee

In a case where you are reassigning data to someone who already uses Pipeliner CRM, you can use the bulk update process to reassign all data. Here is an example of the bulk update of the sales leads:

At the end of this process, do not forget to sync Pipeliner CRM to send the changes to the server.

What will happen to the History and User Account?

  • Data history will be saved without any changes.
  • User will not be deleted from the company history. If you want to remove user completely, please follow this topic.

What happens to the local Pipeliner on the leavers PC?

Once the user has been de-activated in the Workspace, he will no longer be able to synchronize on his local PC.

User will still be able to open up Pipeliner and look at the data but wont be able to delete/add new data.

After 30 days Pipeliner sales expires and user wont be able to open it anymore.

See the screenshots below.

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