Selecting a sales unit will open a left side panel that shows you:

  1. The name of the sales unit.
  2. It's Parent unit.
  3. A list of Managers and members in the sales unit. 
  4. A list of It's Parent Unit's Managers. 
  5. The Picture of the Sales Unit. 

What can you do in the Sales Unit Details Panel?

You can:

  1. Change the Sales Unit's Picture.
  2. Change the Sales Unit's Name
  3. Change the Name of the Parent Sales Unit. 
  4. Invite users to the Sales Unit.
  5. Remove Users from the Sales unit. 

What is a Sales Unit Manager? 

A manager can view any record in their respective sales unit as well as the units it is the parent of. 

What is a Sales Unit Member?

A member can only view the records in their sales unit depending on their level of access in User Roles<link> 

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