Sales Units are a way to structure Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Opportunities in Pipeliner, so that they are then organized in a visual, intelligent way and can be designated to specific sales reps, or reported on by the way that it is designated.

These are created by the Admin on your Pipeliner account and can be anything you like for example sales territories or division of your business.  They can also have units within units, for example, Northeast as a parent unit, NY, PA, NJ as a subunit, all other NE as another subunit.


Bill is the sales manager for the Northeast Territory.  To ensure that Bill has an instant way of viewing everything in the Northeast, the Pipeliner Admin setup each Sales Rep to automatically have their territory designation completed in the Sales Unit field. Jack is a sales rep in the Northeast Territory.  Jack has a new Opportunity which automatically is designated to the Northeast, however, Jack can also modify this designation to another Territory if he finds out that the Opportunity is actually elsewhere.   

Now Bill will be able to visualize all the Opportunities in the Northeast, see the wins, losses, and those that still are open, as well as compare them to other territories.

Bill opens his Power Panel and selects to only see the opportunities that are in his sales unit of the entire Northeast by clicking the "show items of my sales unit"

Now Bill would like to see how the Northeast is doing compared to other sales units and he selects the Insights Menu.

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