Use Geo Locations when in Account or Contact Records 

Click on the "Accounts" or "Contacts" menu.  Select the "View" drop-down, select "Map View".

Geo Locations will work for City, State, Zip Code or Street Address along with City or State or Zip Code.

NOTE: Geo locations are limited to 100 different addresses at a time.

The resulting map will display teardrop symbols for each of the addresses that you have in Pipeliner for those records.

Zoom in on an area with the “+”. In this example we will zoom in on Philadelphia.

Setup Geo locations for a specific area

Utilize the filter tool in the Power Panel to narrow down the geographic area. In this example we will narrow down our criteria to only Account records that are in the State of CT (but this could be done by zip code or by city).

Begin by selecting the All Users profile

  • My — only those Accounts that you are the Owner or explicitly made the Editor of.
  • All users — Accounts that you have the rights to see based on your user role in Pipeliner (this is managed by your Administrator).

Next, select the "Power Panel" by clicking on double gears in the upper right.

Click on the "Filter" tab.

Turn "ON" the Filtering tool by clicking on the red box with the "X".
 It will turn green with a check mark as seen on screenshot below:

Click on the Custom button.  Add the State field into your filter by clicking on "Add Field".  Type the name of the field into the search box, then select the one you want. Click "Close":

After completing the field, DO NOT click on Save.  Instead select the single gear in the top right, this is to locate the "Save As" option to name this filter:

After clicking the gear, select "Save As":

Name this "Profile Filter" to keep track of what you filtered on.  In this example I will name it "CT Accounts". Click on "Save":

Now my "Map View" will only show me the items that I filtered on when using this custom Profile filter:

In the Power Panel, enter the attribute you would like to use. Use the drop down list to help you with choose exactly what you want Pipeliner to find:

  • is — must be exactly as the text you have in the field in Pipeliner (for example if you typed into the field CT, but the field in Pipeliner is completed with the entire word spelled out Connecticut it will not find the match.
  • is not — does not have this word or words as you type them in here exactly within the same field in the Pipeliner record.
  • is empty — the field has not be completed with anything in Pipeliner
  • contains — the letters, words, or partial words that you type in here are found in the same field in the Pipeliner record
  • does not contain — the letters, words, or partial words that you type in here are not found in the same field in the Pipeliner record

NOTE: Geo Location is enabled on request for all Product Tiers.

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