Call with Gmail Extension on Mobile Devices

  Radoslav Ciglansky  

February 08, 2017 07:06


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If you are Gmail user, you will love this post. After we introduced a new Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Add-In for our Microsoft users, we also built an inbox app for our Google users. We are thrilled to announce the brand-new Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension for the Google Chrome Browser. It's a new way you can seamlessly work between your Gmail Inbox and Pipeliner CRM. In this blog post we will take a closer look at one of the most important features you need for your daily sales activities: calling. Specifically, the ability to call your customers over Gmail Extension.

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Meet the Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Here is a short intro video about brand-new Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension: Play in a new window.

How Calling over Gmail Extension Works

Let's call one of your customers over Gmail.

Note: By using this feature, you are using your own cell phone service provider for calling your customers. TIP: You can use this feature almost everywhere throughout the Pipeliner CRM application, where you are able to access a phone number.

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