In today's world automation is everything.  Your users don't need to spend time adding every email manually in Pipeliner and Gmail.

With our Gmail integration the process is automatic and all your information is there when you need it.

Activate the integrations in Account - Space Settings and your emails will be bidirectionally synced to and from Pipeliner to Gmail.

To fetch mail using IMAP from Gmail server enter these details:

IMAP Server:
Port: 993
Encryption: SSL
Username: (your Gmail username)
Password: (your Gmail password)

If you receive an error after submitting the details above, head to your Gmail and you should receive an email from Google below.

To proceed with the Integration, click on the blue highlighted sentence: allowing access to less secure apps and switch the toggle on as in the screenshot below. 

Once done, head back to the Gmail integration and re-enter your credentials. Gmail will now let you through to the next step. Keep the settings on default and click Finish.

You are all set

And how does it all work?

When you send an email to a contact from your email client, a copy of the email is then stored under the "Feed" tab within its related contact in Pipeliner. Note: the email address of your contact must be the same as in Pipeliner.

All emails are accessible in the "Feed" section of the account/contact in chronological order. This way you can track the email communication directly in Pipeliner.

Allow up to 10 minutes for emails to appear in the Feed. Incoming email copies appear in Pipeliner after they have been transferred from your local email client via the cloud server during synchronization of Pipeliner. Do not forget to sync Pipeliner in order to see email copies.

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