In today's world automation is everything.  Your users don't need to spend time creating every email, contact, appointment manually in Pipeliner and Outlook.

With our MS integrations the process is automatic and all your information is there when you need it.

Activate the integrations in Account - Space Settings and your entities will be bidirectionally synced to and from Pipeliner to Outlook.

Exchange Email

Exchange email integration lets you sync your Inbox/Sent items to your contacts/accounts in Pipeliner. Simply add your MS Exchange server and user credentials to Pipeliner and your emails will be synced with your entities.

To fetch mail from Office365 server using IMAP protocol enter these details:

IMAP Host:
IMAP Port: 993
Encryption: SSL
IMAP Username: (your Office365 username)
IMAP Password: (your Office365 password)

If you use MS Exchange server on premise and need more information regarding the integrations please head to the link here.

Exchange Contacts

Sync type: Use Bi-Directional sync Exchange (Exchange<-->Pipeliner)

Delete Protection: Never delete contacts in Pipeliner.

Click Save and Pipeliner will create a new Pipeliner folder in your Outlook contacts where all your contacts from Pipeliner will be synced to.

If you want to share your Outlook contacts with Pipeliner, just drag and drop the contacts you need to the Pipeliner folder in your Outlook and these will come across to Pipeliner in minutes.

Exchange Appointments

This is the same setup as before.

Use the same email address and password as you used as in the previous steps.

Click save and Pipeliner will create a new Pipeliner calendar in your Outlook. All appointments created in PL will be synced to your Pipeliner Calendar in Outlook.

Exchange Tasks

The same process applies to tasks. Use the same email address and password as in previous examples.

For more details click here or contact us at

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