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First make sure that the integration is enabled for your Pipeliner space. 

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

Click on the Automation Hub tab and check that "MS Exchange Appointments" is running in the "My Apps" section.  If not, find it in the "Most Popular" section and click on "Add for Free" to activate it.

Then go back to the App by clicking on the App Switcher in the top left corner again and selecting "CRM Application".  

How to connect your Microsoft Exchange Calendar to Pipeliner

Click on the "Avatar (Photo)" icon on the upper right corner & then click “Settings” ⤵

Click “Activate” beside Exchange Appointments

A window will popup to enter your credentials. Enter the "Email" and "Password" you use to login into Outlook and then click "Next".

Click “Save" ⤵

If you are not able to login successfully, click the “Advanced Settings Checkbox” and enter additional information.

NOTE: You may need to contact your IT team for this additional information.

Select Folder you want to synchronize ⤵

Existing Folder

Select one of your existing Calendar folders from the dropdown. This folder will be used for syncing all appointments to and from Pipeliner.

NOTE: you will only be able to connect to one of your personal folders. You will not be able to use a global, shared folder, for example.

Create a new calendar

A new Calendar will be added to Outlook and only appointments added to this “Pipeliner” folder will be synced to and from Pipeliner.

Once you’ve selected the right folder for you, click on "Finish".

Verify that your email has been connected. The word “Activated” will appear near to the email address you have connected beside Exchange Appointments ⤵

NOTE: The usage example below assumes that you have selected “Create a new Calendar” in your folder options but the same principles apply if you have selected an existing calendar.

How to sync events bidirectionally

  • Now that your Exchange Appointments integration is activated a new Pipeliner calendar will be created in your Outlook account — appointments where you are the owner or an attendee of will sync over from Pipeliner to your Outlook account. 

  • This sync is bi-directional so any appointments you create within the newly created Pipeliner Outlook Calendar will appear in Pipeliner in the Activities menu.

  • Only certain fields will be synced from Pipeliner to Outlook. Please see the fields: Subject, Location, From, Start Date, End Date, Guests, Description.

  • Appointments/Events can take up to 15 minutes to sync.

Follow the example below to understand how to sync Outlook Calendar.

To sync an event from Pipeliner to Outlook Calendar, add a New Appointment in Pipeliner & Click “Save” ⤵

Look for your Pipeliner calendar within Microsoft Outlook Calendar and make sure it's checked on “My Calendars” on the left side of your screen. Once checked, all Appointments you’re an owner or attendee of should appear within your Pipeliner calendar:

To sync an appointment from Microsoft to Pipeliner,  add a new event from the Microsoft Calendar. When adding this meeting, make sure you add it on the Pipeliner Calendar. The folder name will appear toward the bottom of your New Appointment screen with the name “Pipeliner”. Any appointments you add on other calendars WILL NOT sync over ⤵

Once you save this appointment, it will appear on your calendar within the Pipeliner application.

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