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This integration between Pipeliner Cloud and ActiveCampaign allows you to send template emails as a campaign to a list in ActiveCampaign and, providing the contacts already exist in Pipeliner, to view these campaign emails as Feed items. 

PRE-REQUISITES: In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner Cloud subscription and an ActiveCampaign account ( You will also need to set up a webhook in ActiveCampaign as part of the activation of the integration. 

How to activate the ActiveCampaign integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the Admin Module, click on the "Automation Hub" Menu Item.

Find the ActiveCampaign integration and click on “Add” to request activation of the integration for your space ⤵

Click on the ActiveCampaign card and then “Request” ⤵

ActiveCampaign Configuration Settings

Once you have clicked on Request, you will need to complete the Configuration Settings


This is the current, active Pipeliner user who will be set as the Owner of all of the ActiveCampaign Feed items created in Pipeliner. 

ActiveCampaign API

These are the API credentials for your ActiveCampaign account. If you need help to find these, this article will help you ActiveCampaign - Getting started with the API.

ActiveCampaign webhook setting

You will need to manually register a new webhook for this integration in ActiveCampaign. We will send a personalized email with the correct link to the email address that you enter here.

Once these are completed, click on "Continue".

Providing the API details are correct, the integration will connect to the ActiveCampaign API and you will then be asked to "Authenticate" ⤵

Click to "Add a new account" ⤵

Re-enter your ActiveCampaign URL and API key and then click on "Save" ⤵

You’ll receive a message confirming that authentication has been successful.
Click on "Finish" ⤵

In the "Automation Hub", the integration will now show as “Add Pending”. A member of our team will approve and, as soon as that is done, you’ll receive an email with the URL you need to set up the required ActiveCampaign webhook:

NOTE: Look out for an email “Pipeliner + ActiveCampaign Integration webhook register URL and instructions”.

Setting up the ActiveCampaign webhook

Copy the URL from the email and then return to the Developer page within your ActiveCampaign settings where you found your ActiveCampaign URL and API Key. Click on "Manage Webhooks" and then "Add" ⤵

Leave the first option, Lists as “All Lists” then add a name for your new webhook - “Pipeliner Integration” makes sense! Next, paste in the webhook URL that you copied from the email we sent. Finally, make sure you select the exact, highlighted options in "Type" and "Initialize From". When you’re finished, click on "Add" ⤵

Set up your campaign in ActiveCampaign

Set up your template and note that, in order for the integration to work, you will need to send your ActiveCampaign emails to Lists (not Segments)

ActiveCampaign Feeds in Pipeliner

Make sure that the contacts included in your list in ActiveCampaign also exist in Pipeliner. Your Pipeliner users will then be able to see when any contact has been included in an ActiveCampaign campaign by viewing the Feeds for that contact (or from the main Feeds tab)

NOTE: The hyperlink in the Feed Message will allow your users to see the ActiveCampaign email template referenced in the message.

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