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This integration between Pipeliner Cloud and Intercom allows you to:

  • Create new Contacts in Pipeliner when a new User is added in Intercom

  • Add Intercom conversations to Pipeliner Contacts as Feed messages

NOTE: An Intercom User is an individual who has signed up to your product or logged into an existing account. 

PRE-REQUISITES: In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner Cloud subscription and an Intercom account (  

How to activate the Intercom integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the Admin Module, click on the Automation Hub Menu Item.

Find the "Intercom" integration ⤵

Click on the Intercom card and then “Request” ⤵

Intercom Configuration Settings

Once you have clicked on Add, you will need to complete the Configuration Settings. The integration will create a new Contact in Pipeliner for each new Intercom user ⤵

Automatic Contact Creation

This is switched "ON" by default. If you leave this enabled, new Intercom Users will be created in Pipeliner "IF" the Contact does not already exist, based on a matching email address. 

If you disable this option, Intercom conversations will still be created as Feed messages linked to existing Pipeliner Contacts, based on matching email address.

Contact Unit

All newly created Contacts will be assigned to the Unit (Sales Unit) that you select.


All newly created Contacts and all Feed Messages will be owned by the user you select from your current, active Pipeliner user list.

Once these are completed, click on "Continue".

The integration will connect to the Intercom API and you will then be asked to "Authenticate" ⤵

Click on the "Authenticate" button and then on "New Authentication" ⤵

Feel free to change the suggested name to something clearer ⤵

Click on "ADD" and you’ll then be prompted to authorize access to your Intercom account. Scroll down to find and click on the "Authorize access" button ⤵

 You’ll now be able to click on "FINISH" ⤵

In the Automation Hub, the integration will now show as “ADD PENDING”.
A member of our team will approve and then the integration will be running ⤵

Viewing Contacts in Pipeliner

Go to the Contacts menu and you’ll be able to see your new Contacts. Use the Global Search or Contact Filter search to find them ⤵

Intercom Feeds in Pipeliner

Your Pipeliner users will be able to see when any conversation has been logged against a User in Intercom by viewing the Feeds for that Contact inside Pipeliner (or from the main Feeds tab).

Intercom conversations are easily identified by the "[INTERCOM]" tag at the beginning ⤵

Click on "comments" to open up the full details of the conversation. As the conversation is added to in Intercom, the Comments attached to the Feed message will be added to automatically ⤵

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