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Based on Act-On’s Lead Score, the integration enables you to determine when an Act-On lead goes to the sales team in Pipeliner CRM. Each Act-On lead will check for duplicates, and then create a new Pipeliner contact and lead.

PRE-REQUISITES: In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner CRM Cloud subscription and a Act-On account (

The integration will add additional custom fields to the Leads table in your Pipeliner space › Fields & Forms. These fields are ⤵

Only the Act-On Score field will be visible to your users.

The integration will also add additional custom fields to the Contacts table in your Pipeliner space › Fields & Forms. These fields are ⤵

None of these fields will be visible on the Contact form.

How to activate the Act-On integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the Admin Module, click on the "Automation Hub" Menu Item.

Find the Act-On integration and click on the Act-On card and then “Request” to request activation of the integration for your space ⤵

Act-On Configuration Settings

Once you have clicked on "Request", you will need to complete the "Configuration Settings" ⤵

Contact scoring and activity

Marketing Domain URL

Login to Act-On and then click on "Content › Branding" and the "Domain" tab to access this URL ⤵

Paste in the URL and then add an Act-On Username and Act-On Password below.

Contact and Lead Autocreate

Set Score

The integration will add a new Lead and Contact for all Act-On leads who reach the score you specify here.

Sync time

The integration will run once a day at the time you select in this dropdown. This will be your local time.

Contact and Lead Owner

This is the current, active Pipeliner user who will be set as the Owner of all of the Act-On Lead and Contacts created in Pipeliner.

Once you have selected your preferred settings, click on Continue.

Create Authentication

Authentication name

Use the suggested name or, particularly if you’re using more than one integration, change it to something more user-friendly such as “Pipeliner › Act-On Integration”.

Login to your Act-On account and click “Remember me on this computer” ⤵

You’ll receive a message that the authentication has been created successfully and can then click on "Finish" ⤵

In the Automation Hub, the integration will now show as “Add Pending”. A member of our team will approve and, as soon as that is done, the integration will be running ⤵

How does it work?

Once a day, at the time you selected in the Configuration Settings, the integration will find Contacts in Act-On with a score equal to the number you chose and will then check in Pipeliner to see whether the Contact and Lead already exist (based on a match on Contact email address).

If there is no matching email address, the integration will...

...Create a new Lead

  • Lead name will be “Contact name (Act-on List name)”.

  • Ownership will be assigned to the user you selected in the Configuration Settings.

...Check if a Contact exists (based on matching email address)

  • If the contact already exists, the new Lead will be linked to that Contact

  • If there is no match, a new Contact will also be created and the Lead will be linked to the new Contact. The following fields will be completed (subject to the information held in Act-On):

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Quick Account Name
  • Ownership will be assigned to the user you selected in the Configuration Settings.

NOTE: The integration will look in All Lists so, if a contact has been added to more than one list, multiple Leads will be created — each one will have the Contact name and the Act-On list name in the Lead name. This will be very useful for your sales users to be able to identify those highly scored Contacts who have been included in multiple lists/campaigns in Act-On.

You’ll need to match up the new Contact with an Account (if one exists, or create a new Account if not) and transfer the Job Position to the correct field once that is done.

Viewing the Act-On Activity Stream

Open up a Contact (search by name in Contacts or click through from the Lead). In the panel on the right hand side, you’ll see the Act-On Integration section ⤵

The "Score" will be updated each time the integration runs or you can manually refresh using the "Refresh" button ⤵

Click on "More" to open up a view of the Activity Stream

You can click on each of the tabs to drill down further into views of the Contact’s activities within Act-On.

When the Contact has not been created via the integration, the Act-On Integration section will display as ⤵

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