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Pipeliner’s Calendly integration saves your sales team valuable time by having all of their Calendly meetings automatically added to Pipeliner as Appointments. It also links the invitee from a new appointment to the Pipeliner contact record. If no contact is found, there is an option to create a new Contact. Advanced options include the ability to have a new Lead created and the automatic creation of custom fields in your Pipeliner Appointments.

PRE-REQUISITES: In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner Cloud subscription and a Premium or Pro Calendly account. Each user will need to have an individual Calendly login and, once enabled in the Automation Hub, each user will need to activate the integration in their Pipeliner User Settings. This integration is a chargeable add-on to your Pipeliner subscription.

How to enable the Calendly integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the Admin Module, click on the "Automation Hub" Menu Item and find the Calendly integration. Click on the "Calendly" card and then “Request” to request activation of the integration for your space ⤵

Calendly Configuration Settings

Once you have clicked on "Add", you will need to select from the following options in the "Configuration Settings" ⤵

Appointment Type

Select from one of the appointment types set up in the "Fields & Forms menu › Appointments". You can choose the default “Appointment” or any custom meeting type that you have set up. 

All appointments synchronised into Pipeliner from Calendly will be created as the selected Appointment type ⤵

Appointment Field Mappings

Create Contacts in Pipeliner

Turn on this option if you want to create a new Pipeliner Contact based on the Calendly event invitee. A new contact will be created if no contact with the same email address already exists in Pipeliner. If a contact with the same email address already exists, the appointment will be linked to the existing contact.

Contact Field Mappings

Automatically Create Lead

Turn on this option if you want to create a new Pipeliner Lead based on the Calendly event invitee. The Lead will be linked to the Contact based on a matching email address.

Lead Field Mappings

Once you’ve selected the options you want for all your users, click on Continue. The integration will then show as Pending until approved by a member of our team ⤵

User Activation

Once the integration is approved and running, each user will need to enable the integration for their individual Calendly account following the steps below:

Login to the web app and then click on the user avatar in the top right and select "Settings" ⤵

Click on the "Apps" tab and scroll down until you can see the Calendly integration and click on "Activate" ⤵

Click on "New Authentication" ⤵

Use the suggested name or, particularly if you’re using more than one integration, change it to something more user-friendly e.g “Pipeliner Integration” ⤵

NOTE: To find the Access Token, login to your own Calendly account and click on “Integrations”. The token you need will be visible at the top of the screen where it says “Your API key” and click on “Copy Key

Click into the "Access Token" field and select paste and then click on “Add”. You’ll get an onscreen notification that the authentication has connected to Calendly successfully and click on “Finish” ⤵

The integration will then display as “Activated” ⤵

Click on “Close” to save to your Pipeliner user settings and you’ll then be ready to use the integration.

How does it work?

Publish your Calendly link as you usually do but now, when an invitee schedules an event using your link, an appointment will be automatically added to the Activities menu in Pipeliner, linked to the Contact (and Lead) depending on the configuration settings.

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