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This article covers how to use the Pipeliner Calling feature to initiate a call directly from your Pipeliner cloud web application and then log the call as a completed task making keeping in touch with your customers and prospects even more seamless and efficient.

NOTE: The Pipeliner Calling feature is a chargeable add-on to Pipeliner that will require the purchase of call credits for your subscription.

Enabling the Calling Feature for your Subscription

To use this feature, the first step is to request activation of the Calling application from the Automation Hub.

Using the “App Switcher”, select “Administration” and then click on the “Automation Hub” menu. Scroll down until you see the card for “Calling” and click on “Request”

Once one of the Pipeliner team has activated the feature for your subscription, it will then become available as an option in the “Tools” menu in the Pipeliner web application ⤵

User Activation

Clicking on the Calling button for the first time will prompt each user to activate the feature individually ⤵

You can add your phone number directly by clicking on “Add Your Phone Number” or choose “Open App Settings” to open the Apps tab in your User Settings to activate Calling from there.

If you add your phone number directly, you’ll need to enter a valid number, including country code, and then choose “Call Me and Verify” ⤵

If you open up the Apps tab in Settings, you’ll need to scroll down to find “Calling” and then click on “Activate” ⤵

When you activate for the first time, you’ll need to choose “Add New Phone Number” and will then need to enter a valid phone number, including country code, and click on “Call Me and Verify” ⤵

Once you’ve added a number and click on “Call Me and Verify”, the verification process will call your number and you will need to enter the verification code that will be displayed on the screen into your phone ⤵

Once that’s completed, you’ll receive confirmation that the verification has been completed successfully ⤵

Click on “Try Calling Integration” to initiate your first call.

Audio Settings

The gear icon to the right of the Start Call button accesses your Audio Settings — you will need to give the widget permission to access your microphone and speakers prior to your first call ⤵

Using the Calling button from the Tools menu

If you start a call by clicking on the “Calling” button from the “Tools” menu, you will be prompted to select the number to call ⤵

Click on “Select a number to call” and type in the number yourself or search within your Accounts and Contacts to find a number saved in Pipeliner already ⤵

If you type, or paste, in a number, you can then click on “Start Call” ⤵

Searching within Accounts and Contacts will bring up all matching options. Choose the person or company you want to call and then use the “Call Now” option ⤵

Call from Browser

Click on any phone number saved in Pipeliner and select the “Call from Browser” option to initiate a call ⤵

The Calling widget will display the number you’re about to call and will also remind you of the number that you’re using and which will be shown as your caller ID. You can choose a different number to call from the small icon to the left of the Start Call button.

Cancel the call by clicking the red cross in the top right corner.

To proceed with the call, click on “Start Call” ⤵

The display will change to “Ringing” and you can “Hang Up” at any time ⤵

Once the call is answered, the call duration will be tracked and you will also be able to mute yourself if desired ⤵

If the number you have called requires you to then select additional options from the phone tree, click on the "dial pad" icon so you can enter the options you need ⤵

As soon as you finish your call by hanging up, you’ll see that the call has finished and it will display the total duration of the call. The duration of the call automatically updates into the Call Duration field for every call made using the Calling feature.

NOTE: you can filter on the new Call Duration field. So, as an example, a filter on “Call Duration is not empty” would show you all calls made using the feature.

Log the details of your call immediately by adding your call notes into the "Description" field and select the "Call Outcome" from the dropdown ⤵

Click on “Save as a New Task” to save the call straight into the "Activities" and Feed for the "Contact" (and/or Account and/or Opportunity)

NOTE: the call links to the record from which you triggered the call. So, for example, if you call a Contact from an Opportunity, the Call will be linked to both the Opportunity & Contact.

Or choose “Edit Task” to open up the standard "New Task" screen from Pipeliner so you can add your call details and fill in any additional fields required in your Pipeliner set up ⤵

Click on the red cross to close the Calling widget completely or select a new number for your next call.

Call Reporting

When you are reporting on Calls logged by your users, you’ll be able to include two new system fields in your Report — “Call Outcome(you can also filter by different outcomes) and also “Call Duration” which will show you how long each call lasted ⤵

If you want to change the options available in the “Call Outcome” field, you’ll need to have access to the Administration module and will then find the Call Outcome field under Fields & Forms and the Tasks tab.

Find “Call Outcome” in the Fields list and click on it. Add or change the values your users can select from in the panel on the right-hand side ⤵

Tracking Usage and adding Call Credits

To track the total duration of calls made by users as well as the number of call credits used, your Pipeliner Admins will click on “Automation Hub”, find the “Calling” application and then click on “Configure” ⤵

This will then show the "Usage Overview" ⤵

If the Admin is also a Subscription Administrator, they will be able to use the “Buy calling credit” clickthrough to add additional credits to the subscription ⤵

See this article for how to add a Subscription Administrator.

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