How to connect your Microsoft Contacts to Pipeliner

Click on the "Avatar (Photo)" icon on the upper right corner & then click “Settings”:

Click “Activate” beside Exchange Contacts:

Fill the fields below with your information:

  • "Email Address" and "Password" —  A window will popup to enter your credentials. Enter the email and password you use to login into Outlook. Click “Save".
    If you are not able to login successfully, click the “Advanced Settings Checkbox” and enter additional information.
    You may need to contact your IT team for additional information.
  • "Sync Type"
  • "Unidirectional Syncing" — Refers to a one way sync (you choose the direction)
  • "Bi-directional Syncing" — Refers to a two way sync where data will sync back and forth to and from Pipeliner
  • "Delete Protection" — refers to deleting contacts in Pipeliner (or not) when they are deleted in Microsoft

Click “Save” when completed:

Verify that your email has been connected. The word “Activated” will appear near to the email address you have connected beside Exchange Contacts.

Click “Close” to exit the pop-up:

How to sync contacts to and from Pipeliner

Now that your Exchange Contacts sync is Activated a new Pipeliner Contacts folder will be created in your Microsoft account and contacts where you are the owner or editor of will sync over from Pipeliner to your Exchange account.

Follow the example below of a bidirectional sync to understand how to sync contacts to and from Pipeliner:

To begin, we will look at the Microsoft Contact sync from Microsoft Exchange to Pipeliner. Locate the Pipeliner contact folder within your Microsoft Contacts Account. 

NOTE: The folder will appear in the following format Pipeliner (Name-of-your-account)

Once that folder is selected, click the “Create Contact” button to add a new contact to it.

NOTE: All contacts in this folder will sync back and forth to Pipeliner for a bidirectional sync.

Fill in the corresponding fields & Click “Save”:

Once the contact is saved in Microsoft, open Pipeliner in your browser. Type in the name of the contact in your search bar:

Click on the name of the contact that appears on the right panel

NOTE: Contacts may take 10-15 minutes to appear in Pipeliner.

Verify that the information you entered in Microsoft Exchange is now also in Pipeliner:

Now, we will look at the sync from Pipeliner to Microsoft. Click the plus on the lower left of Pipeliner to create a contact:

Enter desired information in the fields and Click "Save":

Open Microsoft Outlook Contacts.
Verify that the contact is created within the Microsoft Exchange Pipeliner folder.

NOTE: Contacts may take 10-15 minutes to appear in Microsoft

Check that the information you entered has come over from Pipeliner:

Field Mappings

The tables below will illustrate which fields map between Microsoft & Pipeliner:

NOTE: Only listed fields may be synchronized. Please note, that if any of the fields not listed is marked as required in the Pipeliner, Microsoft will NOT create new Contacts in Pipeliner. It will however be possible to update existing Contacts.

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