Contacts are the backbone of your CRM database.  You'll create a Contact record in Pipeliner for all the individual people that you want to track.  They may work at the companies you add as Accounts or they may be individuals not linked to any company.  They may even be consultants, for example, linked to many Account records. 

Pipeliner focuses on streamlining a sales reps efforts in entering data and keeps track of the information on each Contact. You can call or email a Contact directly from Pipeliner with a single click.  You can enter Contacts manually, by importing from CSV files or by using one of Pipeliner's productivity tools that can capture publicly available contact information or content from an email you received.

Contacts can be linked to Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, and/or Activities.

Scenario:  Jack, one of ABC Inc's sales reps, receives an email from Pam at Bayer and wants to quickly enter her Contact information into Pipeliner.  Jack is in his email and he uses the Pipeliner Add -In to add Pam's information from this email as a new Contact in Pipeliner. After 2 clicks, Jack reviews the content, links Pam with the Bayer Account record in Pipeliner before clicking on Save.

Contacts can be viewed in the Compact View, or List View.

In the Compact View, Contacts are listed in alphabetical order on the left pane, details of the selected Contact in the middle pane, and feeds in the right pane.

Search for a Contact in the Compact View using the Filter Funnel in the left pane.  Start typing the person's name and the list will reduce until you can see the Contact you're searching for.

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