Use Accounts to hold all your company or organization information in Pipeliner.  You can keep track of Prospects, Existing Customers, Partners - these are all Account records. 

Each Account record can be be linked to one or more opportunities. In addition, each Account record can be linked to Contacts.  Account records can also be linked to parent companies, or Activities.

Scenario:  The Administrator of Pipeliner at your company has imported Account(s) information from your current system into Pipeliner.  Jack, one of the sales reps does a quick search and sees that Bayer is not yet an Account in Pipeliner.  Jack enters all of Bayer's information as a new Account record. Then Jack enters a new Contact record in Pipeliner, automatically linking the Account and Contact he has at that company.   

Accounts are listed in Pipeliner's Account Menu in either a Compact or List View.  

In the Compact View: the Accounts are listed in alphabetical order in the left pane, while detail appears in the middle pane, and the feed appears in the right pane.

Search for an Account in the Compact View using the Filter Funnel in the left pane.  Start typing the company name and the list will reduce until you can see the Account you're searching for.

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