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Karel Tinka

September 23, 2016 15:27


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Sales managers—and even sales reps themselves—critically need the facility to easily view key performance indicators, compare reps one to the other, and view performance of overall team members. Instead of spending hours searching through spreadsheets or various aspects of a traditional CRM solution, just to perform an analysis of a sales rep or team performance and its team insights leaderboard you can instantly analyze team or individual performance.

About Performance Insights

Performance Insights enables you to get clear and rapid view into overall sales team or individual sales rep performance by using pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) within user-defined time period.

Pipeliner CRM takes that data and presents it visually so that Sales Managers can instantly see key performance indicators, and use this business intelligence to coach, manage, and mentor their teams more effectively. - Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Performance Insights [Intro]

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Performance Insights: Team Insights

Team insights within performance insights enables you to track and review the performance of your team members or teams and compare their achievements using various KPIs within defined time period.


#1: Team Insights

Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can I track? You can compare your teams and team members using following KPIs:

Who can see Team Insights screen?

  • This screen is not available for every user but ONLY for Sales Managers. You need to have manager user rights to access team insights screen.
  • You need to have at least TWO Pipeliner licenses purchased.
  • If you are single user (i.e. you use only one Pipeliner CRM license) you are NOT able to use this screen as this screen comperes the results of multiple team members. As a single user you have an access only to "My Results" screen.

How does the Team Insights screen work?

#2: Team Insights : Use Cases

How can I change the time period within the Team Insights screen?

In order to change time period within the Team Insights screen, follow these steps:

In this way you can analyze your own sales performance within that period of time.

How can I add/remove users to/from the leaderboard?

By default you see all users you have the rights to see according to your role in Pipeliner CRM. In order to add/remove users to/from the leaderboard follow these steps:

How can I hide "Inactive" users from the leaderboard?

By default you see all active and inactive users on the leaderboard. An inactive user is a Pipeliner user that had been using Pipeliner but is not now--e.g. has left your company. You can hide inactive users from leaderboard by following these steps:

This way you can hide inactive users from the leaderboard and analyze only your current reps in sales team.

How can I change KPI for the leaderboard?

With Pipeliner CRM Insights Leaderboard you can compare your team using following KPIs: Creations, Conversions, Losts, Won and Lost Amount. You can change the KPI for the leaderboard using these steps:

As you can see from the screenshot above, each KPI is linked with the leaderboard with its related color.

How can I review each user's KPIs within the leaderboard?

If you need to review all other KPIs for each user in the leaderboard, you can open each rep by clicking on it. Within the user's overview you can see all KPIs for the user-defined period, and also in comparison to the top user. Here are some great tips you can explore within the overview:

This way you can easily review the team performance--e.g. over the last month--and consequently coach all members of your team according to these insights.

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