Scenario: Once you have imported all your opportunities or leads, it would be nice if you could distribute them between your sales reps. In order to do this, you have to invite/add all your team members first.

Browse to the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of your Pipeliner and click on the Administration button as shown by the red arrow in my screenshot below. 

Once you invite a new user, the user will receive an invitation email with a link that they can click on to register their details and login to Pipeliner.

The user will need to fill in the Pipeliner form - Name, Password etc and when done, that new user will be able to access your Pipeliner.

Note: you can always change your mind about user settings after a user is created.

How to create user roles and sales unit are covered in other articles.

Click on the Invite button:  

Add in the user's email address, select their user role and tick all sales units that the user should be assigned to.  Finally decide if they should be a Member (standard access) of their sales units or a Manager (enhanced access).

And that's it, your user will be able to login to Pipeliner!

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