Record an Email via BCC function to your Pipeliner

Karel Tinka

September 27, 2016 14:34


With shared Pipeliner email address, every user of sales team, can attach copies of any emails to the Pipeliner. This can be done by adding this email address as a CC or BCC when sending/forwarding emails. This way you can use this email address to send emails from your inbox to Pipeliner. The sender email address needs to be same as your email address you use to sign in to Pipeliner! Otherwise, the email will not be stored in Pipeliner.

Where to Find Pipeliner Company Email Address

All emails are stored within the Pipeliner feed list in "Activities" center.

Please note that you MUST be EDITOR or OWNER of the Contact/Account to have write permission for e-mail feeds as it is described in THIS FAQ topic

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