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Juraj Perina

February 08, 2017 07:40


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The Activity Stream displays on the right-hand side of CRM Navigator, and consists of opportunities, activities and tasks in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.

About Pipeliner CRM Navigator

With its breakthrough Navigator functionality, Pipeliner CRM moves far beyond the standard concept of a CRM dashboard.

With Pipeliner Automata and its central feature, Navigator, we are once again showing that if you approach complexity skillfully, you can extract insight, guidance and intelligence from it and then deliver those in a way that sales professionals can easily consumize and use them. - Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM

We have brought more focused and innovative ways of bringing instant intelligence to to all users, no matter their function in the organization—intelligence that cuts out the noise for users, allowing them to easily navigate complexity and focus immediately, and in real-time, on what is most important.

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Navigator [Intro]

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Navigator: Activity Stream

CRM Navigator organizes you! To gain more detail, you can simply click on any item to drill down for full information on whatever it may be—the meeting that requires your attendance, the call you need to make, the task that needs doing, or the opportunity for which a current sales step needs to be completed. Salespeople will often have reminders in different places and applications for all of these different items. Navigator brings them to you all in one convenient, visual location.

Here is the list of all available records you can find within Pipeliner CRM Navigator Activity Stream.

#1: Opportunity Closing Dates

When your salespeople work their opportunities in a consistent and efficient manner, and always know exactly what to do at each step of the sales process, then your chances of ongoing sales success increase significantly. Pipeliner makes opportunity tracking and management straightforward with Navigator.

Each opportunity has its own assigned close date. A close date is an expected date of the close of the deal between your customer and yourself. The opportunity closing date is a required field in Pipeliner CRM opportunity management. In the activity stream, all your sales opportunities are listed according to their closing dates in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.

TIP: You can also use the Pipeliner CRM Bubble Chart to review opportunity closing dates, and easily drag and drop them to the dates you prefer.

#2: Opportunity Velocities Dates

With Pipeliner CRM you can work out (from experience of your best salespeople, and from statistics) how long a sale should take to close, and how long it should take to move through each step of the sales process using the Pipeliner CRM Velocity Feature. In the activity steam you can spot all your sales opportunities listed in date order according to the day you need to move the opportunity from one step to another, beginning closest to the present.

TIP: In order to be profitable, a sale must move through the sales process in a timely manner. Salespeople and sales managers acknowledge that the likelihood of closing decreases the longer a sale remains in the pipeline.

#3: Task Due Dates

Every sales rep is inundated with dozens of tasks in various states of completion: research to do, calls to make, meetings to attend, and a host of other activities. It is very challenging for the sales rep (or their sales manager!) to keep track of it all. With the Pipeliner CRM Navigator Activity Stream all your tasks are listed according to their due dates in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.

TIP: You can review your tasks on the visual task board. The Pipeliner CRM Task Board is drag and drop, left to right, just like your pipeline – a visual representation of your entire team’s key activities.

#4: Appointments Start/End Dates

One duty of each sales rep is that of organizing meetings and appointments. With the Pipeliner CRM Navigator Activity Steam, all of your appointments are listed according to their dates. Appointments are listed in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.

TIP: With Pipeliner you can connect your appointments with the calendar application you already use, for example Google Calendar.

#5: Monthly Analysis

A special part of the Pipeliner CRM Navigator Activity Stream is the monthly analysis, available within the activity stream on the very first day of the month.

TIP: The Pipeliner CRM Target is one of its most important features. Always visible to the right of the main Pipeline View, the Target constantly keeps the goal front-of-mind for any salesperson. It is always a conscious or even unconscious motivation for the rep to make that quota.

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