Pipeliner automatically provides visual, instant and dynamic intelligent information about how you or your sales reps are doing on their opportunities and activities.  

Navigator answers such questions as:

* Are any leads or accounts lacking attention?
* Are any opportunities taking longer then expected (velocity)? or past their due date?
* What am I working on today?
* Can I set a goal (quota) for each sales rep? Then track how close they are to meeting it? 

Scenario:  Sales Manager Bill ensures his sales reps are reaching their goals by utilizing Navigator.  Bill sees immediately how the entire pipeline and team is down vs forecast, then filters his view of the Navigator to see only those things owned by Jack, one of the new sales reps. Bill instantly discovers that Jack has several Tasks that need attention and an opportunity with a prospect that has Velocity issues.  

Set Your Goal 

View upcoming activities and movement of opportunities.

Notifications: View details of any Overdue or upcoming Tasks, Close Dates, or Velocity Dates.

Suggestions: See the types of suggestions that others might mistaken for Artificial Intelligence.  Pipeliner takes the data you have entered and provides some hints to actionable items. 

Business Overview:  Keep on eye on the prize with data at your fingertips.

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