For many organizations, an Opportunity is a potential deal and Pipeliner allows you to quickly and easily track these revenue opportunities.  Each organization can set up their own unique, custom process or processes using one or more Pipelines.  Many companies find the visual Pipeline quickly becomes such fundamental part of how they manage their business that they choose to add multiples Pipelines (processes) to help them also manage, for example,  post sale implementations/delivery or key account management.  

An Opportunity may begin its life as a Lead which is worked on and then Qualified to become an Opportunity when interest has been established.  

Opportunities will go through Steps throughout your process. Along the way there may be Opportunities that are won (successfully completed), while others might be stalled, or lost.  

Each Opportunity can represent an individual sale of product(s) and or service(s) to your customer (an Account).  There can be many Opportunities created for the same customer.

Scenario:  Jack, a sales rep from ABC, Inc., receives a business card from Joe Jones at a tradeshow, but doesn't have the chance to speak to him while at the show.  He enters the information on the business card as a Lead into Pipeliner.  Jack calls Joe and determines that he is interested in the Red Widgets that ABC sells.  Jack Qualifies the Lead to become an Opportunity for the potential sale of Red Widgets to Joe. As Jack scopes out the potential sale and sends a proposal to Joe, he moves the Opportunity into different Steps through the sales process.

Example: The Pipeline view of the sales process is below. Pipeliner gives you the ability to setup your own sales process to match with your company's sales lifecycle.

Clicking on an Opportunity will open up the Detail View.  You'll see all of the core information about the opportunity including, for example, potential value and close date as well as the Account(s) and/or Contact(s) that are linked to the Opportunity.  Additional information such as linked Activities, Emails, Buying Center, Documents and Notes are available by clicking on the tabs on the left.

  • Opportunities can be linked to Accounts (Companies) and/or Contacts.
  • Our Pipeliner Voyager AI helps you evaluate the Fitness (health) of each Opportunity.
  • The unique Buying Center in Pipeliner allows you to visualise who's who for all your Opportunities so you know who is going to be key to you winning the business!
  • Link Activities to your Opportunities to track each and every interaction that goes towards progressing the potential deal.
  • You can use Dashboards, Management Reports and the Insights view for all your business intelligence about your company's Opportunities.
  • You can import Opportunities from your previous CRM or via a CSV file.


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