We can sometimes wonder why we enter data into a CRM only to discover that it time-consuming and difficult to leverage the information we've added to get insight into our business and processes.  Pipeliner is different!  Our Insights allow you to quickly see how all that data adds up and arms you with information that could make a difference in how your business functions and will help you to mobilize your sales team in ways that could not have been possible before.


Click on the Insights main menu button. Sales users can use the Insights to track their own performance while Sales Managers can see indicators for different users and teams:

Insights provide easy to visualize graphs that show the difference between such Key Performance Indicators as the number of Leads and Opportunities created; the number of Lost and Won Opportunities and number of Leads and Opportunities converted as well as Revenue Won and Lost.  You can choose to view individual users or teams and comparative views over periods.  The Power Panel gives you filtering options in addition - maybe you want to view these KPIs for a specific marketing campaign.  Insights are going to give you all this data in a realistic visual way.

Indicators use similar data as Insights but in a much more detailed way.  If you want to instantly see how all of your sales reps are doing with the same benchmarks and KPI's,  look no further then a single click on Indicators.  Seeing instantly how your sales reps are doing and the possible coaching opportunities and make you and your team the best they can possibly be.

Conversions provide the key to where Leads and Opportunities started and then what happened to them.  This perspective may help to clarify if your company is benefiting from Leads that are being sourced.  

Life Cycle provides the key to which step of your process is taking the longest and on average how long it takes to move from a Lead to an Opportunity to Won.  Armed with this information, you can easily address bottlenecks and hurdles that are delaying your sales.  

Note: Insights is available only for the Business and Enterprise Plans

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