Pipeliner's Reports engine is simple and intuitive.  In fact, all it takes is a single click of your mouse.  No longer do you need someone on your staff that knows the ins and outs of running reports.  Now you or anyone on your team has the ability to create their own reports, have access to them whenever they like, and share them with whoever they want.

Reports in Pipeliner are quick and easy to create.  The results are dynamic and instant.  The report can be shared with any other Pipeliner user or exported if you like. Virtually any field can be reported on.  Pipeliner Reports can be created with a single click.

Scenario:  Bill the sales manager is interested in all the Activities of his sales team to reveal exactly how much and the types of activities of each of his sales reps.  

Bill creates a Report from the Report menu. 

Chooses the Entity Type: Activity. Then Save.

The Reports created can be moved into Folders that are created by you, or in this case, Bill.

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