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Welcome to Pipeliner

Your introduction to all things Pipeliner!

10 articles
User Interface

All the information you need to get started with using Pipeliner as a user including customising your interface and day-to-day working with the system

34 articles
Key Account Management

All about working with Account and Contact records and Key Account Management features such as Relationship Maps, Account Matrix, White Space and Org Charts.

5 articles
Sales Force Automation

Everything you need to empower you sales team to outperform the competition - Lead, pipeline and contact management including using the Buying Center

10 articles
Reporting Engine

Accessing feedback and business intelligence using all report types by using Dashboards, Charts, Standard & Pivot Tables

5 articles
Analytics Engine

Accurate sales data that is properly analyzed & interpreted is a must-have for any organization hoping to succeed in this ever-changing business landscape using Insights, Targets, Forecast or Quota

3 articles
Project Engine

Whether you are looking to expand key accounts, complete customer deliverables or simply manage internal resources, our new project management tool allows you to do this from right inside the Pipeliner application.

2 articles
Communications & Activities

Transparency is the key to staying on task! Using Activities, Feeds and Emails within Pipeliner

15 articles

Sales is demanding enough without routine and repetitive tasks taking up valuable selling time — this is why Pipeliner introduced the no-code, workflow automation engine, “The Automatizer”

8 articles
Backend Functions & Administration

Another unique feature of Pipeliner CRM is that the backend administration is just as user-friendly and visual as the frontend application! This allows those working in the business to be admins and not rely on expensive, dedicated technical resources to administer the system

63 articles
Application Integration

We know you have other systems and applications that need to interact with your CRM system so we have made that easy by providing two APIs and a host of native and 3rd party integrations.

47 articles
Managing your Subscription

How to manage your Pipeliner subscription

6 articles

Troubleshooting tips for the most common issues & bugs

4 articles