Creating Accounts and Contacts
Learn how to create Account and Contact records and activities linked to them and view the opportunities associated with an Account.
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Create a New Account

Adding a new Account record in Pipeliner can be done on its own from the Account menu, or when creating a new Opportunity, or a new Lead.

Account records can also be imported into Pipeliner.

Creating a New Account record from the Account menu. 

In the Account menu, then "Create new button" appears at the top of the page.  Type in the Company Name. If your new Account already exists, Pipeliner will suggest Similar Accounts in the right-hand panel.  You can click to review the existing similar Account to check it.  If you want to continue with your new Account, complete the fields and click on "Save".  

Creating Contacts linked to the Account

Once you've saved your Account, you can also click on the Contacts tab to add any Contacts (people who work at or for that Account). Type the name of your new Contact. Pipeliner will recognize if similar names exist already and will display "similar" contacts in the panel on the right-hand side.  If the Contact is not already in Pipeliner, create the new contact in Pipeliner (Select the “Create New” button).

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Create New Activities

You can create Activities and link them to Account or Contact records. This will help you track all interactions with any company or person that are not directly related to a Lead or Opportunity. Examples could include Customer Success or Account Management calls.  

From the Detail tab of an Account record, you can just select the "Create New Activity" button and then select from either "Task" or "Appointment":

  • Appointments — meetings that have set date and times they start and end

  • Tasks — An activity you need to do (i.e. phone call, email)

Complete all the fields including Subject and Date.

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Once you complete the Activity, go back to it to mark the status as "Completed" and add all the notes about that Activity into the "Description" field:

Viewing Opportunities Linked to an Account

Select the Account you are interested in.  You can use the "Global Search" in the upper right and type in the name of the Account or a portion of that name OR from the Accounts menu, in the Compact View, use the search in the upper left OR scroll down the left side as you most likely have your accounts listed in alphabetical order. Double click on the Account record to get to the detail page.  Select the Opportunities menu on the left.

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