Base Currency

Learn about the base currency and what to do if you don’t forecast money values.

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💱 What is the base currency and how does it work?

The base currency that you select for your system drives the values that you see throughout Pipeliner.

🎯 Target values and sales step values display in the base currency:

🔆 Opportunity values entered in an enabled currency are dynamically displayed in the base currency:

🧮 Calculated fields always calculate using the base currency amount and display in the base currency:

Reports also use the base currency for values:

😟 What if I don’t forecast money values?

That’s OK - you can select the "XXX (No Currency)" and change your field labels to read Forecast (in Tonnes), for example, rather than Opportunity Value!

NOTE: If you're changing your base currency - e.g. from USD to EUR - make sure to first check the Currencies tab. If your currency is listed as an additional, enabled currency, you need to first remove it before you'll be able to select it as your base currency.

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