Sales Roles

This article details how to create sales roles with the Buying Center to track all of the contacts linked to your Opportunities.

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🙋‍♀️ Why are sales roles cool?

We all know what it’s like — we need to step in to help on a team member’s deal but it’s just not that easy to work out who the key people are and how they affect the deal.  We can spend hours trawling through emails and badgering our colleagues for information… Or we can use the Buying Center in Pipeliner and its customisable sales roles!!

Yet to be convinced…? Look how simple, yet how powerful, it can be to visualise these relationships with a single click on the Buying Center tab ⤵

Or how about being able to look at an individual and to be able to see what role they played in a number of opportunities and what happened to those deals ⤵

🙆 You’ve convinced me, how do I add them?

Just change the default sales roles to match your own terminology and add any additional roles that you need ⤵

NOTE: Sales Roles are available only in Enterprise Tier.

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