Automation Hub

In the Automation Hub see which Apps are integrated with Pipeliner and other suggested integrations. You can also request a custom solution.

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This article covers the topics:

🗂️ My Apps

Details of all the Apps currently integrated to Pipeliner. Click on each one to see the status and description

🎈 Most Popular

A selection of our most popular integrations. Hovering over an App will tell you more about it and/or add it to your system ⤵

🧱 Custom Solutions

Maybe you’re using one of our Apps that links Pipeliner to your email marketing tool, for example, and it’s great but you really need it to also do something extra. Possibly, you can’t see an integration for your program and want to know if we could build one for you. Either way, clicking on the "Request Custom Solution" button is going to put you in touch with one of our team so we can help you!

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