Adding another Pipeline

How to add other Pipeline to your Pipeliner. Whenever there are multiple processes, Pipeliner can be used for more than the sales process.

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The Pipeline holds the steps and stages of a process. Pipeliner can be used for the pre-sales process, sales process, post-sales process, implementation process, fulfillment process, customer services process, new hire process and so much more.

To understand this terminology better, read Understanding Terminology for the Admin User.

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu

Select "Pipelines" in the menu ⤵

How to Add another Pipeline to your Pipeliner

  • Click the "Add New Pipeline" button. Type in the name of your Pipeline

  • The Names of the Steps you want in your Pipeline — Pipeline requires at least 3 steps

  • The Probability of Closure for each step

  • Click "Save"

You can make additional modifications to your new pipeline at any time, such as:

  • Add more steps

  • Reorder steps

  • Add Sales Activities

  • Add or modify Probability of Closure

  • Or other modifications

You can also copy the configuration of an existing pipeline rather than start from scratch. Copying will include all steps, documents, sales activities and form fields ⤵

This article will help you manage your Pipeliner and understand how to make modifications to the Pipeline.

How the End User and the Admin can switch views from one Pipeline to another

From within the Pipeliner App, view what your users will see.  Use the double gears in the upper right to open the power panel ⤵

Next to the Current Pipeline, select the drop-down to choose the Pipeline you want to see. Select the Pipeline ⤵

Here is the Example of the newly created Pipeline

Watch our short video about this topic

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