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Using the Settings Menu for the Admin User
Using the Settings Menu for the Admin User

This article explains the different options that can be modified within the Settings Tab by the Admin User.

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This article covers:

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

Please read the following article to get insides from our Admin Terminology.


This article will show you how to modify settings that will affect all of the users on your Pipeliner space ⤵

Global Settings

The Global Settings section can be used to modify the Start Date of your company’s Financial Year. This is useful when the User would like to see anything related to the financial year such as how many Opportunities were Won in the current or past financial year.

Click on the "Date" icon next to the Financial Year (Start Date) field ⤵

Select the First day of your working week. Click the drop-down next to First day of the week field. This will be used in Pipeliner for when a user wants for example filter or create a report on what activities were scheduled for "current week" ⤵

Select the "Timezone" for your company. Click the drop-down next to Timezone to make your selection ⤵

Global Security

The Administrator can restrict the ability for users to utilize other cloud storage providers. In the Global Security section, the default for this option is checked. Checked means that you are preventing your users from attaching documents in Pipeliner that are stored in cloud storage providers that are not Pipeliner (i.e. Dropbox or Google drive).

Email Settings

The Email Settings section provides the Admin the ability to allow (or not allow) email attachments to be copied and stored in Pipeliner as well as limit the size of those email attachments when they are stored in Pipeliner.

NOTE: This does not refer to the emails themselves, only any attachments that might be attached to the emails.

By limiting the email attachment size, if email attachments are allowed, then any email that is over the size limit will not be copied and stored in Pipeliner.

The default for this option is checked.  Checked means that you are preventing email attachments. Click on the check box if you want to allow for email attachments to be saved.

The green bar under “Email Attachment Size Limit", can be modified by clicking and dragging the dark green circle ⤵

"Email Domain Blacklisting" allows you to specify a domain, or domains, that should be excluded by the email integration service.  Any email sent to, or received from, a domain you include here will not be automatically attached to the corresponding Contact or Account record.  If you add multiple domains, separate them by a comma.

Attachments Settings

The Administrator can limit the size of documents that can be attached to entities in Pipeliner. Examples of documents that might be attached to an Opportunity record are quotes, proposals, contracts or diagrams. Some of these might be very large and use up your storage space.  Click and drag the dark green circle under “Attachment Size Limit” ⤵

Attachment Type Limit

Pipeliner has already built in some restrictions of the files types that are not allowed to be attached. These restrictions can be added to.

NOTE: These restrictions help to prevent files being attached that could cause your system harm so please be very careful before removing these options!

Company Emails

Whether it is marketing communication or system notifications, sometimes you want to send emails from your company email account instead of your personal account. The Company Emails tab allows you to add in your company emails for use in Pipeliner. Company emails can be used for mass emails, standard emails, or in the Automatizer. A Gmail or Office365 account is required in order to integrate ⤵

Once the email addresses are enabled, you can restrict who has access to company email accounts by adjusting the "User Role" ⤵

Then, Users can choose to send emails from the company email in Pipeliner by changing the “From” field in the dropdown menu ⤵

NOTE: Custom User Roles is only available in Enterprise Tier. Unlimited number of Pipelines, Custom Fields per Pipeline Stage (Sales Actions) and Custom Activities based on the Pipeline Stage (step) Sales Activities are available in the Business and Enterprise Tiers.

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