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Using Sales Action fields for Opportunities
Using Sales Action fields for Opportunities

How the Administrator can help enforce your process(es) by adding new Sales Action fields to specific steps in your Opportunity pipeline(s)

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Sales Action fields added to Opportunities allow you to enforce your sales process by requiring your users to enter data but only at the relevant stage of the Opportunity pipeline.  Opportunities in Pipeliner move through the (sales) process from one step to the next.  As they do, you can set up fields that only appear once the Opportunity gets to that step in the process.  If those fields are not already completed, when the Opportunity is moved, a pop-up dialogue box can appear which requires your users to complete those specific "sales action" fields that have not yet been filled in. The user will not be able to move that Opportunity to the next step until the required Sales Actions fields are completed.  

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

Select the "Fields and Forms" Menu, next from the top of the page select the "Opportunities" Tab ⤵

NOTE: If you have multiple Pipelines, there will be a different Opportunity Form available for each Pipeline. 

First, select the Pipeline you want to work with and then select the "Edit Form" button.

Add a Sale Action Field to a Form

In the upper right next to "Sales Actions", click on the red box with an “x”, it will turn green with a checkmark ⤵

Notice that by scrolling down, you now see the availability to add Sales Actions for each of the steps in this Pipeline ⤵

Create a field to be used inside the Sales Actions just as you would any other field. The only difference is that this time, click and drag it into the web element inside the form in the Sales Action section. Read this Article to get more information about how to work with Admin User Fields and Forms.

NOTE: If you make this field required then the field must be completed when first entering into that step. In the example below, this means when a user moves an Opportunity into step 2, "Scope", the field will immediately be required and, until they fill it in, the Opportunity will not be able to be saved into Step 2 ⤵

Scroll down to complete the fields settings.  Click "Save" in the "Field Settings" window.

Then click on "Save" again to save the changes to your Opportunity Form ⤵

Confirm and click "Publish" ⤵

Exit the Admin Module and see what your End User will see. The Sales Actions will populate at the bottom of the Opportunity Form in the relevant Pipeline step ⤵

If you make Sales Actions a requirement in the Opportunity Form, then they must be filled out in order for the Opportunity to move onto the next stage in your Pipeline ⤵

NOTE: Custom Fields per Pipeline Stage (Sales Actions) are available in Enterprise Tier.

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