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Sales Activities Checklist

By adding a Sales Activities Checklist to the steps of the Pipeline, you can assist your teams in creating and managing the right activities, relevant to each stage/step of the Opportunity pipeline. Opportunities in Pipeliner move through the (sales) process from one step to the next. As they do, there are often specific tasks that can help your users know what to do next.

NOTE: You can make Pipeliner checklist items mandatory. When adding items to the Sales Activities checklist in your pipeline(s) stages, you can choose to make each item — Simple Checkbox, Field or Activity — “Required”, “Not Required” or — for Activities e.g. Tasks — “Activity Completed”.

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

Select the "Pipelines" Menu. Then click on the Pipeline you wish to work with ⤵

NOTE: If you have multiple Pipelines, there will be a different line for each Pipeline.

How to Create a Sales Activities checklist for any step of the Pipeline

Select the Step of the Pipeline you wish to create Sales Activities in. Click the pencil to edit that step ⤵

How to Add the different types of Activities to the Sales Activities checklist

There are three types of the item available under the Add Sales Activity section:

  • Activity 

  • Field

  • Checkbox


Allows you to use the standard and customized Activities that are in Pipeliner; creating one or more of them as Sales Activities. It will create a named activity as a line item in the Sales Activities checklist area of the Opportunity along with an icon (link) to create that activity.

This is an example of what the End User will see when you've added an Activity with a subject line of "Initial Call/Contact"

Select the "Activity" button. Use the drop-down to select which Activity you would like on the first line of the Sales Activities Checklist (you can reorder these later)

Complete the name of this Activity Checklist Item (this will appear in Pipeliner as the subject line of the activity). Click "Modify". Click "Save" ⤵

The Activity will be automatically set with a Priority of Medium and a Status of In Progress, and a Due date and Reminder which is base on each user's own personal preferences in their user settings. 


Allows you to use the standard and customized fields that are in Pipeliner to let the user know if that field has already been completed or not.

Follow the same steps above.

Select the "Field" tool. Use the drop-down to select which Field you would like on the Sales Activities Checklist. (you can reorder these later). Click "Modify". Click "Save" ⤵

The result is a Sales Activity that expresses the field that needs to be filled in.


Allows you to use a checkbox in the Sales Activities Checklist. The user will be able to see this item on the Activities checklist and mark this line item as completed if they choose.

NOTE: These checkbox items only exist in the checklist within an Opportunity and are not mandatory. They cannot be included in reports - use custom fields to capture key data that you need to use for filtering and reporting.

Follow the same steps as above.

Select the "Checkbox" tool. Type in the prompt/reminder/action item that you would like to appear on the Sales Activities Checklist. (you can reorder these later). Click "Modify". Click "Save" ⤵

Now exit the Admin Module, and view what your users will see. Once all required fields are filled in, you will be able to move the Opportunity onto the next step! ⤵

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