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How to invite a new subscription admin
How to invite a new subscription admin

How to invite subscription admins to perform functions like paying invoices, adding and deactivating users, and editing fields and forms.

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NOTE: There is no charge for adding a subscription admin. The subscription admin will not be counted as an additional license on your account but will only be able to perform functions in your administrative panel, such as deactivating licenses and paying invoices. Subscription admins are not able to log into the Pipeliner App unless they are also added separately as a Pipeliner user which will use a license.

Open your favorite web-browser (see supported browsers here).

Visit the Pipeliner Admin Portal at and sign in with your Pipeliner CRM account. Use the same username and password that you use to login to the Pipeliner application.

Click on the "Admins" button in the subscription menu ⤵

Click on "Invite Admin(s)” ⤵

Enter the Email(s) of your new Admin(s) and click the "Save" in order to invite them to manage your subscription ⤵

You will receive a confirmation that the invite has been sent out and the new email will appear in the "Admins" menu ⤵

An invitational email will be sent to the invitee ⤵

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