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How do I purchase a new license?
How do I purchase a new license?

This article shows how to purchase a new license so you can invite a new user to Pipeliner.

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Open your favorite web-browser.

Visit the Pipeliner Admin Portal at and sign in with your Pipeliner CRM account.

Use the same username and password you typically use to login to the Pipeliner application.

Select the “Licenses” button to first check your current license allocation ⤵​

To add more licenses, click on the "Purchase Additional Licenses" button ⤵

Step #1 of Purchase Wizard

Type in the Number of licenses needed you want to purchase & click “Proceed to Checkout” ⤵

NOTE: The purchase of a new license will always be prorated to your yearly renewal date. The exact price will show on the next page.

Step #2 of Purchase Wizard

The pricing details and total cost will appear. ​Verify the Billing details are correct and then scroll down and click “Proceed to Payment” ⤵

Click on “Continue to Cybersource” or “PayPal Checkout” depending on the desired payment method: ⤵

For both methods you’ll be transferred to a new window where you will have to verify your purchase.

After verifying the purchase in Cybersource or PayPal, your payment will be confirmed and your new licenses will be available for you to use ⤵

NOTE: the available payment methods vary by region so you may not be able to see all options in your area. If you have any problems, please email so that we can help you directly.

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