How to cancel a license?

This article will guide how to cancel a license so it will not be available to use if it’s unassigned within your Pipeliner account.

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NOTE: Cancelling a license is not the same as deactivating a license. A deactivated license is still available to allocate to a new user. When a license is canceled, it’s permanently removed from your license count. If you then need to add a new user, you'll need to pay to add an additional license to your subscription.

Open your favorite web-browser.

Visit the Pipeliner Admin Portal at and sign in with your Pipeliner CRM account. Use the same username and password you typically use to login to the Pipeliner application.

Go to the "Licenses" section of General Tab screen ⤵

Click on the "Cancel Licenses" ⤵

NOTE: There must be at least one license showing as Unassigned in the box on the bottom right of the screen to perform this process. If the license you want to cancel is not available, go ahead and deactivate the user first and then come back to cancel the entire license.

Step #1 of Downgrade Wizard

Type in the Number of licenses you want to cancel & click "Proceed to Cancellation" ⤵

Step #2 of Downgrade Wizard

Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions and then select “Confirm Cancellation” in Downgrade Wizard Step 2 ⤵

You will receive a confirmation notice of the changes. When you click “Ok”, the number of licenses on the account will now be decreased ⤵

NOTE: In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, you cannot cancel licenses when you are 30 or less days away from your renewal date.

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