Above the Toolbar is another bar with additional items to assist you when using Pipeliner. One of those is the Global Search:

How to use the Global Search 

A single click into the "Global Search" box, will provide a clickable list of all the things you opened most recently.

Type into the Global Search box what you are looking for, for example: the name of an Account Record. The Global Search will find every occurance of the words or numbers that you type in. You could type in:

  1. A partial Word like "sal" or "sale"
  2. Numbers or partial sequence of Numbers (ie.a phone number)
  3. An Email Address or a partial Email Address

Pipeliner’s Global Search will organize every time that word or numbers or the portion of that word or numbers appears in Pipeliner. It organizes it based on the following categories:

  • Opportunities
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Activities
  • Archive
  • Documents
  • Notes

EXAMPLE:  I’m searching for a Contact who works at Red Inc.  I’m pretty sure that their email address ends in @redinc.  I’ll type in Red into the Global search and see what comes up.

How Pipeliner organizes the results of your search

Here Pipeliner found many occurances of the word red. It was part of the Account Name in an Account record, it was part of the email address of some Contacts, it was part of an Activity record as well as an Opportunity that was once Archived.

All of these are clickable links to get me to the detail page of the thing I was looking for:

How to search within the Compact view of a Lead, Opportunity, Account or Contact

In Leads, Opportunities, Accounts or Contacts menus, switch the view to the Compact View. Click on the view drop down, select "Compact View":

Select the "Filter Icon".

NOTE: you must be in the menu of the type of entity you are searching for. I.e. Opportunities, Leads, Accounts or Contacts.

Type in the name (or partial name) of the record you are looking for:

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