NOTE: Business Card Scanner is available only in Business and Enterprise Tiers, but only if included in your contract and requested afterward.

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How to navigate to the Contact menu of the Pipeliner Mobile App

Select the "Main Menu" icon in the bottom left corner ⤵

Select the "Contact" menu ⤵

How to scan a business card into a new Contact Record in Pipeline

From the "Contacts" menu click the plus sign “+” ⤵

From the "Create New" menu select the "Contact" entity ⤵

Select "Scan Business Card" Menu item ⤵

Line up the new contact’s business card with the camera within the lines that are indicated. Click on the Camera icon ⤵

Click on "Confirm", or if the photo of Business Card is not good, click on "Retake" ⤵

When you Confirm, you will be prompted to “Create Account & Contact” or “Create Only Contact”. Additionally, you can save the business card photo and it will be readily available in the Documents section of the Contact once it is created ⤵

Pipeliner's Business Card Scanner will then populate the fields for the Contact record ⤵

NOTE: You will need to review this information and add or modify anything as needed. Utilize your mobile device's keyboard to enter or eliminate data in the fields.

Once you have created the "Contact", you can find the business card scan in the documents section ⤵

How to use your mobile device's microphone to enter notes about your new contact.

Once you press inside a field — for example, the Comments field when in a Contact, your mobile device's keyboard should appear, press on the microphone icon on the keyboard or near the keyboard. When you speak, your mic will use your devices’ “Voice to Text” feature to enter data into the field you are currently.

NOTE: Every phone is different, the microphone could appear in different locations ⤵

Click on "Save".

How to use Business Card Scanner in our Mobile App ⤵

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