IMPORTANT: If you’re using any of the integrations between Pipeliner and your Exchange/Office365 email, contacts, calendar and/or tasks, you need to make sure that every time you change your password for Outlook, you also update your Pipeliner settings.

How do you identify that a password change is needed?

This is an example of the text included in an error email that alerts you to the problem with the relevant sections highlighted in red:

Hi Pipeliner User,

Please note that your Pipeliner data has not synced properly with your Exchange account. Review the sync report and troubleshoot the error codes below:

Sync Report Stats
Team space alias name: Pipeliner Sales
Team space db name: nv2_pipelinersales

No. of Items Failed to Replicate or Update
Calendar: 0
Contacts: 0
Tasks: 0

Error Codes

Wrong username or password.

Wrong username or password.

Wrong username or password.

This indicates that three areas need a password update: Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Where do you go in Pipeliner to fix it?

Browse to your "Settings":

"Settings" — Application Settings dialog opens.

"Activate" or "Reactivate" those features which were mentioned in the email alert. In our example this is Contacts, Calendar (or Appointments) and Tasks:

Type in the correct email address and password for each area and then save your changes and the integration will then work correctly:

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