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Changing Password for Exchange/Office 365 integration
Changing Password for Exchange/Office 365 integration

Find out how and why you need to change passwords or username for Exchange/Office 365 integrations to Pipeliner

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IMPORTANT: If you’re using any of the integrations between Pipeliner and your Exchange/Office365 email, contacts, calendar and/or tasks, you need to make sure that every time you change your password for Outlook, you also update your Pipeliner settings.

How do you identify that a password change is needed?

This is an example of the text included in an error email that alerts you to the problem with the relevant sections highlighted in red:

Hi Pipeliner User,

Please note that your Pipeliner data has not synced properly with your Exchange account. Review the sync report and troubleshoot the error codes below:

Sync Report Stats
Team space alias name: Pipeliner Sales
Team space db name: nv2_pipelinersales

No. of Items Failed to Replicate or Update
Calendar: 0
Contacts: 0
Tasks: 0

Error Codes

Wrong username or password.

Wrong username or password.

Wrong username or password.

This indicates that three areas need a password update: Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Where do you go in Pipeliner to fix it?

Browse to your "Settings" ⤵

"Settings" — Application Settings dialog opens.

"Activate" or "Reactivate" those features which were mentioned in the email alert. In our example this is Contacts, Calendar (or Appointments) and Tasks

Type in the correct email address and password for each area and then save your changes and the integration will then work correctly ⤵

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