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How to contact Pipeliner’s Support Team
How to contact Pipeliner’s Support Team

Contact our Technical Support team using our Help menu, send us an email directly or use the Chat icon in the Pipeliner app or Admin Module.

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Using the Pipeliner Help menu to contact support

This is a great way of logging a ticket as it sends us some useful information about your Pipeliner account without you having to fill in many details.

Click the Question Mark "?" top right corner of your Pipeliner and select — "Contact Support" ⤵

Fill in the form as shown below.  

NOTE: Please only use "Urgent" as your priority if none of your users can access Pipeliner

Once done click "Submit" and we will be in touch shortly.
You can also send an email directly to

Using the Chat option within the App or Admin module

Open the "Support Chat" via the Support Chat icon at the bottom of your Pipeliner ⤵

From this window, you can search our Knowledge Base for an article that might already contain the answer you are looking for or you can start a new conversation with one of our representatives.

Best practice for helping us to help you!

However you choose to Contact Us, please give as much detail as possible about your problem to enable us to help you quickly and effectively.  

We’ll generally need to ask you the sorts of questions including bugs below in order to get to the bottom of the problem so the more information you give us at the beginning, the quicker we’ll be able to assist you:

  • Where were you working in Pipeliner?

  • What were you trying to do?

  • What did you think should happen?

  • What actually happened?

  • Did you get any error messages (and give us please full details)?

  • Which Users (or multiple Users) are affected?

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