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Create a Trial Subscription and Convert a Trial to a Purchased Subscription
Create a Trial Subscription and Convert a Trial to a Purchased Subscription

In this article learn how to convert your trial of Pipeliner into a subscription or skip the trial and purchase a Pipeliner license.

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This article will cover the following topics:

Creating a Trial Subscription to Pipeliner

From click on the “Try for Free” button ⤵

then fill in the required fields and click "SUBMIT" ⤵

Or click on this button to go to the Free Trial page directly from here ⤵

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Click on the Terms & Conditions link to read the what the contractual agreement is between you and Pipeliner during your Trial period and beyond when you pay for and become a Pipeliner licensed user.

Pipeliner Trial Basics

Watch a quick video about Pipeliner or go directly to Pipeliner by clicking the “X” close button in the upper right of the video dialogue box ⤵

NOTE: During your trial period you may invite additional users to your account. The number of users allowed to be invited might change, as of 3/1/2019, it is 5 users ⤵

Pipeliner will email you a link to the Pipeliner CRM Knowledge Base where there are Help articles and videos. If the link doesn’t appear in your email, please check your Spam folder.

The email will look similar to this

Convert a Free Trial of Pipeliner CRM into a Purchased Subscription

Click the ”Purchase“ button that appears on the title bar at the very top of the Pipeliner window ⤵

Here you can choose from the various Tiers of the Pipeliner software ⤵

The Pipeliner team is immediately available to help you. You can type a question into the chat window in the lower right and we can also help you decide which plan is right for you and your team.

Activate the "Enterprise" Tier of Pipeliner 

Click the "ACTIVATE" button and the Purchase wizard will take you through the quick process.

NOTE: Pipeliner has named your Account with the information you entered when creating the Pipeliner Trial.

Here you will choose to

Keep the data you and your team entered and modified in Pipeliner already while you and your team were using the Trial of Pipeliner ⤵


Erase the data you and your team entered ⤵

NOTE: Each user on your Pipeliner Account will need to have a separate license. You will be able to purchase those licenses and add those users now or in the future.

Erase Trial Data

If there will be multiple Administrators of your Pipeliner, click in the box labelled “Standard User & Admin” and type in their email addresses.

If there will be Users that should NOT have Administrator rights to Pipeliner, select the checkbox form "Add Standard Users", then type in their email addresses in the box below. Your Users will immediately receive an email inviting them to use Pipeliner, therefore it is recommended that the system be configured to function in a way that is best for your business processes and sales cycles before adding users.

NOTE: You will have the ability to change their rights later.

NOTE: Use the email addresses that the user uses to send and receive emails through your company email address (this will assist if you wish to integrate your emails with Pipeliner later).

Complete the fields, select the state that your company’s main headquarters is located and click “Continue”.

NOTE: The number of licenses needed includes you and the number of email addresses you completed on the previous page.

Click “Previous” to modify the previous page ⤵

Complete the additional fields, click Proceed to Checkout ⤵

Review before Checkout, select your payment method, If you should require a different payment method please let us know via email.

Read and then check the box to agree to accept the general terms and conditions.

On this page complete the fields, click the next button on the bottom of the page. Click on "Proceed to Payment" ⤵

Complete your payment method information ⤵

Business and Starter Plans

Clicking on the “Contact Us“ link for both Tiers will open your default Email client with a New Email in progress. Just send us an email and one of our Account Managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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