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Geolocation - how to use the Map View for Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
Geolocation - how to use the Map View for Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities

How to use the Map View for Accounts, Contacts, Lead, Opportunities. Learn about Geolocation, using and activating the option

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Pipeliner’s Map View is available for Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities ⤵

You can access the Map View from both the Opportunities tab and the Archive tab enabling you also to track the locations of Lost Opportunities, for example.

NOTE: Leads and Opportunities have to be related to an Account record in order for the mapping to work and the Account must have the default Pipeliner address fields completed. 

You can see up to 5000 records at one time in the Map View. If your dataset contains more than 5000 records, you can use a filter - for example by Country, State or City - to refine it.

How to activate the Geolocation option in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

NOTE: This feature is normally enabled for all of our trial customers. If the Map View is not available, please request activation from the Automation Hub. This feature is a chargeable add-on to your subscription for all tiers.

From the Admin Module, click on the Automation Hub Menu Item.

Find the "Geolocation" Google Maps integration ⤵

Click on the Geolocation card and then “Request” to request activation of the integration for your space ⤵

Which fields does Geolocation use?

The following default address fields are taken into account when trying to geolocate an Account or a Contact on the map:

  • City

  • State/Province

  • ZIP Code

  • Country

  • Street Address

At least one field needs to be filled out. For Leads and Opportunities, the location displayed will be based on the address associated with the primary Account that the Opportunity or Lead is linked to.

NOTE: the Geolocation feature is dependent on using the Pipeliner default, system address fields. It is not possible for it to use any custom field that you create and use instead of the system fields. If you want to use the Map View, you must use the Pipeliner default address fields.

How long does Geolocation take?

In order for a record to show on a map, the information provided within the Pipeliner desktop app needs to go through some steps:

  • Contact or location data (city, country, zip code, state or street address) is entered.

  • On the Pipeliner secure server, the system analyses and geolocates your data.

NOTE: There is a queueing mechanism applied to geolocation records. Once geolocation is activated, it can take some time for map locations to appear, depending on the number of records being geolocated. This is particularly relevant if you have just imported a number of Account or Contact records which may then be geolocated over a period of days.

How to view a single Account or Contact record on the map

In order to view a single record on the map, just click on the “Location” link within the Compact View of your Account or Contact ⤵

You will then see a Google Maps view, with the pin showing the location on the map ⤵

NOTE: Once the contact or account is localized, you can click on the “Pin” to see the contact or account detail and use standard Google Maps features.

How to view multiple records on the map

In order to view multiple records on the map, from the Views dropdown in the top right, select "Map View". Pipeliner will show up to 100 records from those included in the profile that you currently have selected ⤵

And here is the map view of the Accounts ⤵

Each individual Account is displayed with a building icon on its pin. If you hover over the pin, you’ll see more information about the company.

If you click on the pin, the preview pane will open on the right hand side. This preview pane allows you to work with the record directly ⤵

If there are multiple records close together in a location, you’ll see a number rather than individual pins ⤵

Clicking on the number will automatically Zoom the map closer into the location. You can keep zooming in by clicking until you can see the individual pins for each record.

NOTE: if records are missing address information, a message will display at the top of the map to tell you that there is “Insufficient data to show all {records}”. If you click to expand the message, it will tell you how many addresses are missing

Viewing Opportunities and Leads on the Map View

Each Opportunity from the Opportunities menu (or Lead if on the Leads menu) will display as an individual pin, the size of which will reflect the value of the potential deal. Green pins indicate Won Opportunities. Clicking on the gear icon in the top right will show the Legend at the bottom of the screen ⤵

If there are multiple Opportunities in the same region, the total value of all those Opportunities will display instead. Clicking on the value symbol will automatically Zoom the map. Keep clicking until you see each individual pin.

If any Opportunities (or Leads) are not related to a primary Account and/or the primary Account is missing the required address information, the message at the top of the screen will guide you to rectify the missing data.

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