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Advanced Fields & Forms — Field Permissions
Advanced Fields & Forms — Field Permissions

This Advanced Pipeliner Admin article covers how to manage field permissions.

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There are some circumstances where you might want only certain users to be able to see or update a custom field that you’re working with. An example might be a “Credit Limit” field on an Account record which you may only want the Accounts team to be able to update or, perhaps, a “Quote Approved” field on an Opportunity that should only be updateable by your Sales Managers. Field Permissions in Pipeliner allow you to manage these types of scenarios.


You need to be proficient at working with custom fields in the "Fields & Forms" menu. 

If you’re new to Pipeliner Administration and are not familiar with working in this area, please review this article first.

You also need to have set up any custom user roles that you want to use to manage your Field Permissions. This article will help.

Enabling Field Permissions

Enter the "Administration" Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the "App Switcher" in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only users based on an Administrator role will see the Administration menu

First, click on the “Units, Users & Roles” Menu. Click on the “Roles” tab and make sure that the role(s) you are going to use to manage your Field Permissions are set up and ready to use ⤵

Once you’re happy with the Roles, select the "Fields & Forms" Menu. Next, from the top of the page, select the entity you would like to work with. 

If you haven’t already created your custom field, click on the Fields tab ⤵

Click on “Create New” and then select your new custom field type and enter the name ⤵

Then select “Edit Permissions” and select the permissions you want to apply to the field for each of your user roles ⤵

Full Access

Users based on any Role with Full Access to the field will be able to enter and change values in the field (subject to any other update restrictions imposed by their role)

Read Only Access & No Access

Users based on roles with Read Only Access will be able to see the field but not update it. This is the case even when they can update all other fields for that record.

Users based on a role with No Access to a field will not see it at all. For those users, it is as though the field does not exist ⤵

Place your new field on the Account form ⤵

NOTE: On the Form, the field will be highlighted as having “Limited Access for Some Users

"Publish" your changes.

If your field already exists, select it from the Field list and then click on "Edit Permissions" in the right hand panel ⤵

If you’re working on the Form, you can highlight a custom field and select the gear icon to “Edit Field Properties” to access Field Permissions using the “Edit Permissions” button ⤵

Field Permissions Tab

The Field Permissions tab lists all of the permissions for custom fields by role. Select a role from the User Role dropdown and you will see a list of your custom fields with the permissions assigned to them for that role ⤵

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